If you have a stiff jaw with discomfort or pain, you might have problems with the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, which is a type of temporomandibular (TMD) disorder. You could have pain when you talk, eat and open your mouth. At The Denver Dentists and Implant Center, we are able to provide a thorough exam to determine whether you have TMJ and offer appropriate treatment to restore function and make your life more comfortable.

Jaw Joint Pain
There are many causes that can result in jaw pain, so the first step we take is to provide a comprehensive exam to discover the source. Your pain might be a result of wisdom teeth that are trying to grow in or from a habit of teeth grinding. Problems with the teeth, such as decay or other damage, can present pain in the jaw.

Or you could have an issue with the TMJ, which is the joint on each side of your head where your jaw is attached to your skull. A disorder of the TMJ happens when there is pain in the joint as well as the surrounding muscles. Your joint could even be misaligned, which can result in severe pain and a loss of proper function.

Sometimes, the cause of a joint problem is difficult to figure out or there are numerous causes working together to contribute to the pain. At The Denver Dentists and Implant Center, we will perform a thorough assessment that includes cutting-edge imaging technologies. Through these diagnostic methods, we are able to minimize misdiagnosis and find the main concern. With numerous treatments available, we are able to pinpoint a solution to your problem and ease your pain. If there is a secondary cause of the jaw pain, we will address that as well.