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CEREC Same Day Crowns in Denver, CO

It can be a frustrating and even painful experience to have damaged teeth. When teeth chip or crack, the tooth’s nerves may be exposed which can cause distress. Additionally, one’s confidence is negatively affected by having a broken tooth. Breaking a tooth is an unpleasant surprise. Whether it results from falling off a bike, biting into the wrong food, or bumping into something. Waiting for weeks to get a crown is miserable. Luckily, the CEREC system allows you to get your tooth repaired immediately!

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns cover a damaged tooth, and they not only improve the appearance of your smile but they help to protect your teeth. They are permanent prosthetics and can be used instead of a large filling. Your dentist will know whether a crown is a right option for you and your individual situation. The Denver Dentists and Implant Center has an excellent staff that will provide a comprehensive exam to ensure that you are getting the best and most effective treatment for you.

Is a CEREC Crown Right for You?

We provide quick tooth fixes right here in our office. The CEREC system offers same-day tooth restorations for those unlucky situations that require an immediate fix. Crowns are recommended for teeth that are weak, damaged, and unable to perform normal functions such as chewing. Crowns act as a new tooth, and they function to prevent the pain and discomfort that is experienced with a compromised tooth.

The CEREC system is fast, convenient, and high quality. Even those who are busy are able to fit an appointment to improve their smiles into a tight schedule. Not only is it time-effective, but it is a customized and hassle-free experience! Molds of your mouth are taken digitally, which means that there is no need for messy molds or issues with gagging. Instead of waiting for weeks, your new tooth will be made for you in the office, as the CEREC machine takes care of the process of creating your new crown.

Improved Oral Health

CEREC allows for an easy and quick tooth restoration, which is why it is so appealing to so many patients. Although some might be nervous at the thought of getting a crown, it is important to remember that doing so will help to prevent long-term and worsened damage from occurring in the future. Not only will a crown improve your oral health, but it will also improve your mouth function and confidence. Having a chipped or broken tooth can decrease one’s self-esteem and make them feel insecure about their smile. Having a crown will give you the look of an authentic but simply improved and restored smile.

With same-day service, increased comfort, and an 84% success rate over 18 years of wear, it’s no wonder that so many dentists and patients are choosing CEREC! If you are considering getting this service, or if you or a loved one is in a situation that requires tooth restoration, visit the Denver Dentists and Implant Center to find out how to regain your smile. Change your life and schedule your appointment today!


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