What is 3D Dental Technology?

3D dentistry, at its most basic, involves developing a digital, 3D image of the mouth and skull. Traditional X-rays only develop a 2D picture of your mouth, while other methods took longer bouts of radiation to create a detailed picture, and were more unpleasant and intrusive to the patient.

3D dental images are most often used for diagnosis and treatment planning. Being able to see the mouth in three dimensions allows the dentist to better and more effectively formulate an approach to treat dental conditions.

How 3D Dental Technology is Utilized

Cosmetic/Restoration – Prepares the patient for reconstructive therapy or oral surgery and gives the dentist a better ability to effectively plan complex treatment. These treatments range from implants, bone grafts, and root canals all the way to inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers.

Orthodontics – Creates a 3D image used for diagnostic orthodontic concerns and planning treatment.

Implants – Provides customizable services and an efficient one-time fitting session by determining the correct placement for dental implants.